Current status for January 2018

Yes, I am a little behind my original schedule of having BitMaker already out and to be working on dotNETInspector again. I did manage at least to get the public repos for source code up, and BitMaker is technically finished, it just hasn’t been released yet. I have also started working two jobs for upwards of 60 hours a week – one of them is software development and the other sometimes requires development and almost always requires me to be doing things on the computer – so my time is fairly limited.

The main problem however is that I now use a Mac more than Windows for day to day computing, and I wanted to have the first Mac release of BitMaker ready to go when the Windows version was released. The code is all 100% finished and ready, but I am having major issues packaging it.

I have tried quite a few different ways to do cross-platform packaging with a simple command or two, and it took me a long time to find a way that actually worked – so I now have Windows and Mac versions building on my Mac. But then my Mac decided it was not going to even run the package, so I can no longer verify if it works when built.

I’ve now spent far too many hours trying and retrying the same things to get the built package to run, all with no end in sight, so I think I will have to give up on a Mac release for now and just push out a Windows version.

Unfortunately it is now more than just a single file for the Windows version, so I may have to look at zipping it up or making an installer for it. I will make a decision soon and try to have the release done sometime in the next week or so.