Update for 2022, and future plans

So it has been a crazy few years!

Work, life, a war in my home country, and a bunch of other things have kept my focus away from this site. Also I had decided some time ago that I need to retire this site and instead consolidate everything over at kenherbert.dev.

I’ve just finished adding the requirements for hosting and serving my software over there, and sometime in the next few days I should have all of my software up and available. Sometime after that (hopefully within a week) I will redirect all downloads from here to there. Eventually I will push out minor updates to each app to point to my portfolio for update checks and update the website link, and then finally (likely around September 2023) this site will go away, and my portfolio will be the only place to get my apps.

I have also been mentioning for a long time that I want to update some of my apps….

I won’t promise anything since I can’t say exactly what will happen with me in the near future except for a potential trip to Germany soon, and a definite trip to Australia not long after, but given my recent motivation for developing again I am hoping to finally finish BitMaker 2.0 – a complete rewrite from the ground up using HTML, CSS & JavaScript built on nw.js.

2.0 was started so long ago now and I really want to get it out there. I believe the functionality is finished, but I need to spend a little time updating dependencies, making sure all of the existing functionality is implemented, ensuring my build scripts work for both Mac and Windows (yup – my first release for Mac might be coming, and I may also do Linux releases), and I would like to spend a couple of days adding a dark mode and making the UI a little nicer to look at. It is already 1000 times more attractive than the currently released version, but could still be improved a little more.

However I also have to think about working. My current job can’t offer me enough hours to pay my rent, so I do have to spend some time focussing elsewhere to make money. Let’s hope something comes along.

So that’s what I am up to, and what is happening here soon!

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