What’s happening in 2019

So not a lot has happened here since my last update, which (apart from fixing some broken downloads and removing some no longer valid external links) was over a year ago. I won’t say much more than it has been a very hard couple of years for me involving some very major life changes, and writing/testing software was not high on my list of motivations or priorities for downtime activities. But the second half of 2019 will be very different for me. A lot of things are happening, but maybe not quite in a direction you would expect.

First thing – about seven weeks ago I moved countries. Whether this ends up permanent is still yet to be determined, but I am aiming for long-term. It is not just moving across a border, or even an ocean – this is a massive move from Australia to Ukraine – somewhere close to 15,000km. Given that the Earth’s total circumference is 40,075 km, I moved almost half way round the planet!

This has its own set of challenges for me – learning a new language or two (which I have been doing very slowly since late last year), finding more permanent accommodation (currently in the works), trying not to work too much (difficult!), trying to make new friends (even more difficult), and hopefully one day maybe even finding a girlfriend (I can dream).

But moving won’t necessarily mean changes to the site. So what will change that is meaningful to you?

Work-wise I now have three jobs – one full time and the other two 5-15 hours per week, all still involving software development and computers to some level. Eventually I want to move more into a management role so I can have the time and motivation to program again as a hobby, but for now it is a very difficult concept for me.

Outside of work I am still active as a forum moderator at PortableApps.com, and I’m trying to get back into actually updating my apps there. I’ve also joined another project, attempting to make an app with NativeScript for an existing website. And I’m trying to be healthy, both physically through more exercise, and mentally by writing and recording music again for the first time in many years (Here is my stuff on SoundCloud if anyone is interested). Plus I have a whole new city to navigate, discover, and fall in love with.

So unfortunately my time is really spread thin now, my motivation for making software is even thinner, my mental health is heavily dependent on my continued physical and musical endeavors, and I really can’t see me getting much done here – I’d rather be honest about it than try to promise I will do something and then continue to let everyone down.

I won’t say this is the end for this site, let’s just say that for now things are officially on hold.