2013 Progress Update

Well here we are with another year over and another stretching out ahead of us. The usual chaos of Christmas is over and the site has been quiet since November, but I’m still here and thought I should let you all know what I have been up to regarding my apps and this site.

Already in the works is a new version of IPFinder which features a completely rebuilt user interface, exporting results to a text file, plus a few other features I’m still figuring out as I go. I am hoping to have this out by the end of February.

Sometime after that (hopefully March, maybe later if the next release of dotNETInspector takes priority) I will be releasing a new app which I thought was finished and ready to go last year, but a feature that I couldn’t leave out for the initial release jumped into my head. It honestly isn’t that useful but I’m sure someone somewhere will use it, plus I had fun creating it.

I have also been planning heavily for the future of dotNETInspector. My current plans are:

  • Fork dotNETInspector into two separate apps – one featuring only command line functionality (call this the lite version for now) targeted towards developers and power users. The other will either have most of the command line functionality stripped out, or will continue to have both command line and GUI functionality depending on user feedback (call this one the standard version).
  • Add a bit of style to the standard version. While I like the simplicity of it, it is kind of boring (bordering on ugly). This will most likely be done gradually across a few minor versions and be somewhere near finalized with the 2.0 release.
  • The standard release will bundle online installers for all versions of the .NET Framework allowing you to install them from within the app. This will be the primary feature for the 2.0 release.
  • The standard version will also be able to download and carry around offline installers for any or all .NET Framework versions. This will allow you to use offline installers when you want without carrying a pre-bundled package that includes all of them (well over 200Mb). This feature will likely be in the 2.5 release.
  • I want to move all of my apps towards multilingual interfaces and I have always planned for dotNETInspector to be the first. I hope to begin modifying the interface to handle this as I work on styling with the intention of full multilingual capabilities by 2.0, and at least a few translations included by the time 2.5 arrives.

I would love to hear your comments regarding my plans for dotNETInspector, or any ideas and features I haven’t listed above.

Until next release….

3 Replies to “2013 Progress Update”

  1. I believe I have a few suggestions for the next version of dotNETInspector
    1) Update checker
    2) The ability to save the information to a .txt file
    3) Change the close shortcut to Alt+F4 instead of Alt+X :/

    Good luck with your software 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback and ideas.

      I had already thought of exporting the results to a file but it slipped my mind while I was writing this post, so it will definitely happen but I am not sure when.

      Checking for updates is a great idea that I think should happen soon, I’ll try to have it ready for the next version of both IPFinder and dotNETInspector.

      Almost every version of Windows (and even some of Linux) support Alt+F4 to close the current (focused) application so it should already work without me needing to do anything, unless you have something else running that would block that key combination. It is redundant having two key combos for closing though, so I will change it for the sake of simplicity.

      • Glad to hear that you are taking my suggestions into consideration 🙂

        Also I knew about Alt+F4 working for every piece of software on Windows I just thought that is was kind of weird choice to display Alt+X as the close shortcut