BitMaker 1.1.0 Released and May update

BitMaker 1.1.0 is out now.

This release implements a completely reworked user interface, a recent profiles list in the File menu, the ability to automatically open the last used profile on startup, command line options for config file path and default profile path, as well as some minor updates to the version checker.

The new release is available to download now from the BitMaker page.

Now that I have released this I will be working further on dotNETInspector as was mentioned at the start of the year. Implementing notifications of pre-release versions will be easy enough but styling the interface may take me a while, so I can’t quite say when the next release will be. If I find myself sufficiently stuck I may just release the new functionality without any interface styling and work on that further as time permits.

I will also be working on a new release of Dev Test Thread Builder soon, and I am hoping to release at least one new app in the next few months that is currently quite close to finished, although there is also the potential for others that I plan to start working on soon, depending on how quickly they come together.

As usual if there are any issues with this release please leave me a bug report, and comments are welcome below.