BitMaker Progress Report

Even though I haven’t had too much time for programming lately my progress on the next release of BitMaker is going well.

Last weekend I re-implemented profile loading, unloading, and automatic loading on startup (using JSON profiles instead of the old .ini style profiles), as well as working in a title field into profiles which will be shown in the window title and recent profile history. Yesterday afternoon I also reworked the menu component to better handle a couple of extra features I needed, as well as getting through most of the work for the recent profile history.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to polish off and test what I am currently working on, add in the profile import option, and push out a 2.0 preview release so everyone can see what I am up to with it, plus get some external testing for any edge cases I may have missed.

Depending on how it goes (and how many bugs I and others find) I may release 2.0 proper not long after and leave the in-app profile editor until 2.1 so I can start working on porting other apps.