dotNETInspector 1.5.0 Released

Finally here it is, after a year of faltering development I can now officially announce the newest release of dotNETInspector!

New features in 1.5.0:

  • Save results to a text file
  • Copy results to the clipboard as either plain text or a HTML table
  • .NET framework version check runs at regular intervals instead of just once on startup
  • Automatic check for program updates

While I kind of indicated just yesterday that I wasn’t ready to push to a 1.5.x release, I felt that these new features were more than enough functionality-wise for a minor version increase, and the two main points that were slated for 1.5.0 (notification of both pre-release and embedded versions) have been pushed back to 1.6.0.

I’m not happy that I have only made a single release in almost 9 months, so I’m hoping that going forward my schedule for updates and new material might be a little bit quicker. I definitely want to get dotNETInspector 1.6.0 out sometime this year, but I also have some additional work to do on BitMaker and Dev Test Thread Builder soon, and there are always a few more small apps that I haven’t yet polished ready for a release.

So until my next release (which will hopefully not be too far away) I hope you enjoy the new features in dotNETInspector.

2 Replies to “dotNETInspector 1.5.0 Released”

  1. could you add an option (menu option or preferences checkbox) to let the user have control over whether the program checks for updates automatically to url

    • Thanks for your question.

      I am planning to do this for all of my apps, but it hasn’t happened yet. If I can I will try to implement it in the next version of dotNETInspector, although I am not sure when that will be released.