IPFinder 2.3.0 Released

Seems I’ve found a bit of motivation for updates lately, this time I am happy to release IPFinder 2.3.0.

This version fixes issues with broken shortcut keys for the Lookup, Empty Log and Copy to Clipboard buttons, plus there is now an “Open With” entry in the right-click menu for results which will allow you to open the result in any browser installed on the PC quickly and easily. As an added bonus for the PortableApps package users, the Open With right-click menu will also list any official PortableApps browsers you have installed (note that these browsers must be in their original folder names, if you have renamed the folder the browser will not be detected).

To download this new version please head over to the IPFinder page.

There is also no set roadmap from here on for IPFinder, as I am still deciding what direction I want to go with it. When I do know I will make sure to update everyone on what I am planning, but if you have any features you would like to see please leave a comment below or contact me.