It’s been a long time

Far too long, in my opinion, and there are quite a few things that could be blamed for my lack of progress here. I won’t bore anyone with the details but let’s just say it can be boiled down to two things: time and/or motivation.

But hopefully that will soon change as I am planning a few things in the coming months:

  • Finally releasing the update to BitMaker I have been working on for the last few years
  • Migrating all of my source code from zip files posted here to a collaborative hosting platform
  • Releasing something new
  • Finally upgrading dotNETInspector and dniLite to support detection of newer .NET Framework versions


Where am I up to with each of these things currently?

Well, BitMaker has been completely ported from wxWidgets/C++ to JavaScript on nw.js (previously known as node-webkit which I spoke about over here) using AngularJS… then it was completely rewritten again to remove the AngularJS dependency because by that stage AngularJS 1 had been superseded. I now need to recheck exactly where I was up to with the rewrite (I haven’t looked at it in almost 6 months) and if I remember correctly it should just need a bit more testing and an update to the latest version of nw.js, then hopefully can be released. The best things about the new release is that BitMaker would then support profiles in a much nicer and easier JSON format, and would handle 64-bit calculations even on 32-bit systems. It will also have a more attractive UI and be much easier for me to build for other platforms (I mostly use OS X these days), at the cost of some additional file size.

Migrating the source is basically just a matter of choosing which platform I am going with, then doing it. I have active accounts on both GitHub and GitLab, and while GitHub is currently the more active open source development platform, I have used GitLab more extensively, love that it allows private projects on the free plan, and prefer some of its features over GitHub. Decisions, decisions…

The new project I am working on is actually a Chrome extension. It is practically finished but I am still deciding on the name and the license – I may leave it as-is and release it open source, or I may change it to a freeware release with a paid upgrade. In some ways I dislike the idea of charging money for a product, but I also have to look at the fact that the ad revenue and donations I have received here have still not even covered a single year of hosting fees – and the site has been running for almost 5 years.

An upgrade to dotNETInspector and dniLite are also long overdue, considering there have effectively been 6 new .NET versions released since the last updates to both. I have also strongly considered porting dotNETInspector to nw.js since JavaScript is something I am much more familiar with and can progress with much more quickly once the initial rewrite is done. It will also allow me to more easily make the UI a bit more attractive but, as with BitMaker, there will be an increase in file size as part of the changeover. I will make the final decision before I start working on the next version.

So those are my current plans, and I have written them here for everyone to see in the hopes it helps motivate me to stay on track. I have no particular order in which I plan to tackle these projects, but I will post something here as progress is made on any of them.