June 2014 Update

I’ll start off with the good bits…

Firstly I have been quite motivated for programming lately. I’ve been documenting and preparing to start work on a program that I originally began over 5 years ago in VB.NET but never finished, and now want to restart in C++/wxWidgets. As usual I won’t give details on exactly what it does, but it will be (in terms of size and functionality) the biggest of my apps until now, and involves a lot of work. The audience for it will be fairly limited due to what it actually will do, but I am hoping it will prove quite productive to those who will use it.

I’ve also started work on another new program that derives from dotNETInspector. I’m unsure yet of whether it will or won’t work as I want it to, so no details on that either. For now what I am working towards with it is merely a proof of concept for myself.

In the way of existing apps, a new version of BitMaker is just about ready too. The only really new feature coming is that it will support direct entry of both decimal or hexadecimal values (currently it only supports decimal, but I work just as regularly with hexadecimal values in my day job, as the hardware we are working with reports most of its bitwise values in hexadecimal).

Now for the bad news…

I recently installed something on my computer that completely broke MinGW (pretty sure I know what it was since I installed the same thing both at home and at work, and MinGW stopped working on both computers, but I’m not going to bad-mouth other, popular software here). I have tried every fix I can find across the internet and also tried reinstalling wxDev-C++, but no luck, MinGW still fails to compile anything.

So I’ve got two choices: one is to set up a development VM, the other is to try a different IDE and hope the bundled compiler will work.

While setting up a VM is easy enough to do, I know myself too well: the extra start-up time to get into my development environment, the added slowness, and a few other minor issues are enough to demotivate me from spending time on development.

I had considered moving from wxDev-C++ to Orwell Dev-C++ in the past, but last time I tried I could not for the life of me get wxWidgets to work. Also having the visual designer is handy for the early stages of development (although I quickly learned to remove the .wxform file after I have the layout somewhere near finalised, but before actual coding, to stop things getting out of sync as I make changes to auto-generated code).

I use Netbeans at work for web and Android development, so maybe I should try getting wxWidgets to work in Netbeans. There seem to be some recent instructions around the place on how to get it working.

Anyway, for now development is at a stand-still until I can fix or work around the problem. I will update as I figure something out to get my development environment working again.