March 2014 Update

Finally some good news for everyone!

I am back working on dotNETInspector as we speak, and a new version is not far away now (I know I have said the exact same thing before, but this time it is for real).

Unfortunately I’m not ready to jump to 1.5.0 since I am still working out how best to show pre-release and embedded versions, but this release will have automatic update checks,  exporting results to a text file and refreshing results without having to close and reopen the app, as well as a couple of other goodies that will hopefully make dotNETInspector a little more useful.

I am hoping to have this version ready to go by Wednesday 19th, maybe sooner, but if something does get in the way of a release I will be on holiday for pretty much the whole last week of March, so I will make sure it is out very early in April at the latest.

It has been far too long in coming, but finally it is coming.