New Website Up and Old Versions Down

With the changeover from the old domain to this one I felt a new website was in order so I’ve been working behind the scenes for a few weeks preparing everything for the update.

Along with the new domain name I have updated all of my apps to reflect the new URL, and since the previous URL has been re-leased to an ad-spam host I have taken down all versions of the apps that linked to the old domain. This was also a great way for me to clear out the very early .NET versions of a couple of apps such as IPFinder and PC Name Grabber, leaving only the much more portable (and I like to think better) C++/wxWidgets versions.

I am using WordPress for the new site which has also allowed me a few luxuries that my previous website did not such as an RSS feed for app updates and releases. The previous incarnation of the site was hand-coded, and since my day job is hand-coding custom websites I could never quite find the motivation to do more of the same when I arrived home, but with WordPress and a few plugins most of the work is done for me and I can focus on more important things such as updating my existing apps and developing ideas for new ones.

I have also begun adding in a roadmap of planned ideas for existing apps and the version that they should be arriving in, although I won’t be adding in expected timeframes for features as I would rather take my time to get things as right as possible instead of rushing to meet a deadline, or missing a due date completely.

If anyone has any issues with the new site please let me know so I can fix things as soon as possible, and I hope the new site and my ongoing releases serve you well in whatever it is that you do.