October Update

With today’s release of dniLite 1.1.0 I will be getting on with dotNETInspector again (I have actually been working on both together recently, but dniLite came together a little easier so was released first). Hopefully I should have it ready for release by the middle of November (I could potentially have it done earlier, but with Halloween approaching fast I still don’t have a costume plus my wife and I are hosting the party this year).

After that I am going to look into creating a new app which was requested by a user of dotNETInspector. I won’t go into details about what it will do just in case it doesn’t work out, but it is very similar in functionality and intent to dotNETInspector, and the small amount of research I have done towards it so far makes it look fairly easy, so I am hoping to have it done and released some time in late November, or December if time gets away from me again.

Otherwise I still have a few changes I want to make to both BitMaker and Dev Test Thread Builder so they will probably be my primary focus in the new year.