Chrome Web Store Privacy Policy

Privacy Overview

Firedancer Software (“we”) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

Outlined below are our specific privacy policies for content released via the Chrome Web Store.


We ask to collect only the minimal possible data from you to allow Vulmon to work – a Vultr API key. This API key is securely stored within Google’s Storage API, and only used by our Options window in the process of showing and storing the key, and to make requests to the Vultr API to collect the account data that we show in the extension.

The specific data we request and use from the Vultr API is your list of servers and their data, and your billing data. This data is also stored in the Google Storage API, and is only used to display your data within the extension.

We do not collect your API key or any data requested from the API in any form outside of the extension, nor do we collect any analytics, anonymous or otherwise, about your usage of the extension.

If you have any questions/comments about privacy and the data we retrieve and use in Vulmon, please contact us.