September 2014 – New Beginnings

Over the last month I’ve been busy. I started by porting one of my unreleased apps to Javascript and node-webkit, and all looks good (I may not release it, I’m yet to decide on whether it has any use outside of my day job).

I’ve since moved on to BitMaker and I am now at the stage where I have the interface completed and working as it is in the current release plus a couple of new features intended for the 1.2 release, and I am now ready to implement profiles.

Most of my time working on it was actually in implementing a couple of reusable components like the About dialog, check for updates functionality and a custom menu. I’m still working on some of the finer points of the menu, but the other two are completed and ready to use across all of my apps as I port them to node-webkit, which I will be doing for just about everything (I won’t do dniLite since it has no graphical interface, and I may not bother with PCNameGrabber, or will only do it if I am bored one day – the only benefit it will have is adding a nicer interface).

So my next step is to finish the menu off, add in the command line parameters (except for the –configPath option which is now obsolete thanks to node-webkit supporting localStorage), then add profile handling into BitMaker (which shouldn’t be too hard due to the way I have already structured everything). I’m also going to change the format of BitMaker’s profiles to JSON (since it will be much easier to use in Javascript) thus will also be adding an import/update option for older-style profiles for anyone using them.

After that I will be adding in the rest of the features planned for 1.2, along with the profile editor intended for 1.3. This might take me a little longer than just implementing the existing functionality only, but I think it will make for a great new set of features worthy of a big new (2.0) release. The only future issue I will have in regard to the roadmap is that node-webkit does not currently support a 64-bit version for Windows, so a version handling 64 bit numbers is unlikely anytime soon.

Beyond that I will be porting each app as I go. I have already figured out how to work dotNETInspector in node-webkit, Dev Test Thread Builder will be an easy enough port (and of all of my apps I think it could benefit most from porting to Javascript) and IPFinder shouldn’t be too hard although I haven’t looked into it yet. I may even get onto one of my other concepts or half-finished projects and get something new released!