BitMaker with default profile
BitMaker with default profile

BitMaker is an interface for manipulating bitwise decimal numbers. It can handle 32-bit decimal values and includes support for custom profiles which can set the visibility and label for any or all bits.

BitMaker is ideal for working with bitwise permission systems and flag-based variables in PHP, Javascript and many other languages.


1.1.0 (released 11/05/2013)
BitMaker 1.1.0 (1246 downloads) 12 MB
BitMakerPortable 1.1.0 Development Test 1 (1071 downloads) 3 MB
BitMaker Sample Profile (1183 downloads) 2 KB

Source Code

Source code is available from


BitMaker is released under the GPL v3.
In addition if you do use the source of BitMaker in your own project, I would love to hear about it, and I might even post a link to your project.

Command line parameters

Short Switch Long Switch Argument Effect
-h –help none Displays help on the command line parameters (console only)
-c –configpath string: folder path The folder in which the config file is read and saved.
-p –profilepath string: folder path The default folder from which profiles are loaded.

Please note: BitMaker does not support the / switch for command line parameters. You must use the – switch.



  • Add profile name as optional value in profiles
  • Add profile name (or file name if not specified) to title of window
  • Add customizable tooltips to profiles
  • Create profile with default labels and tooltips switched (eg. label in numeric form “8” while tooltip will be bit shift form “1 << 3”)


  • Create in-app profile editor


  • Support for 64 bit values on appropriate machines (or a separate 64 bit version)