PC Name Grabber

PC Name Grabber on Windows 7
PC Name Grabber on Windows 7

PC Name Grabber is a simple application to quickly retrieve the name of the PC on which you are working.

While not very useful for most users, PC Name Grabber will greatly assist those who require access to the name of the PC but can’t due to restrictions on Control Panel, and will speed up the process of checking the PC name even on computers where you are able to access Control Panel and its children.


2.0.2 (released 28/10/2012)
PCNameGrabber 2.0.2 (1161 downloads) 510 KB
PCNameGrabberPortable 2.0.2 Development Test 1 English.paf (1112 downloads) 475 KB

Source Code

Source code is available from gitlab.com/firedancersoftware/pc-name-grabber.


PC Name Grabber is released under the GPL v3.
If you use the source of PC Name Grabber in a project I would really like to hear about it.