Dev Test Thread Builder

Dev Test Thread Builder creating its own thread
Dev Test Thread Builder creating its own thread

Builds a pre-formatted beta test thread.

I created this primarily as an offline beta test thread editor so I don’t have to check the clock when I go to post a new development test (in case it is forum maintenance time – which seems to be when I usually want to post something). If others also use it I am hoping it may help normalize the data that is posted as a beta test thread, and currently mirrors the existing forum template for beta tests quite closely, apart from the addition of a source link for open source releases (more changes to come, though). It also emulates the forum’s styling (eg. multiple new lines will be replaced by a maximum of two new lines).



1.1.0 (released 18/06/2013)
Dev Test Thread Builder 1.1.0 (1083 downloads) 13 MB
Dev Test Thread Builder 1.1.0 Development Test 1 (1123 downloads) 3 MB

Source Code

Source code is available from


Dev Test Thread Builder is released under the GPL v3.
If you use the source of Dev Test Thread Builder in your own software it would be awesome to hear about it.

New in this Release

  • Added developer permission as required field for bundled freeware releases
  • Added checkbox for online installers with optional additional download size field
  • Fixed Thread Title field missing the word “Portable”



  • Add editor for Release Notes entries


  • Basic HTML validation (verify tags are closed, check tags are in subset of HTML allowed in forum posts) in Description field
  • Add controls for inserting allowed HTML tags, useful HTML character entities and smileys in Description field
  • Display converted smileys in thread body preview


  • Add drag/drop support to MD5 field to auto-calculate from a dropped file


  • Select or drag/drop paf.exe (and/or appinfo.ini?) to auto-populate appropriate fields
  • Save and load app details to/from database