Source code migration complete

All apps now have public repos on GitLab, and all repos are linked from the respective app’s page. The old zipped source files have also been unlinked as they are kind of obsolete now.

Some of the history in the repos is a bit awkward, there were files that sometimes did and sometimes didn’t make it into the zip file (.wxform and .layout files mostly) and I wasn’t going to try to rebuild their exact state at the time of their release, that would require far too much time that I could be spending on better things like updating dotNETInspector or releasing the rewritten BitMaker.

I have also made a few changes to the page here, as well as Twitter and Facebook for more consistent branding. My plan is to try to use both Twitter and Facebook a bit more in future, so please feel free to contact me via either of them.

Next I plan to look into the current state of the BitMaker rewrite, and will update further once I have figured out exactly where I was up to with it.