Source repos are on the way

There is some actual progress happening!

PC Name Grabber now has a source repo at, and the app’s page has been updated to reflect this. The history is fairly sparse, with commits and tags for 1.0.0 and 2.0.1 only. Basically I am just unzipping each version’s source and committing it since this is the only real file history my projects had when I was developing them.

Other apps will likely have a little bit more history than PC Name Grabber since more versions were actually released, and will have repos made public over the coming week or two. After that I will be using Git going forward for all code changes on all apps, new and old alike. I won’t update for every new repo I put up, but will give a final update when all of my apps are done.

Also note that BitMaker will end up with two repos – a legacy repo for the older wxWidgets/C++ versions, and a proper repo for the new nw.js/JavaScript version. Any other apps that get ported over to nw.js will also end up with a legacy repo to which I will migrate the older code. Because of how significant the changes will be, it will be more effective to just start a whole new repo than try to adapt from the old code base to the new.

Yay for progress!