Unbearable levels of comment spam

Some time in early 2013 I decided that I would allow comments on posts, including release notifications and status updates so that people could easily give me feedback on what I was releasing, suggesting or otherwise writing about. At first having comments be allowed by approval only was fine, a bit of spam here and there, but not too much to worry about.

Unfortunately the numbers have been growing since then and I am now on average getting 10+ spammy comments a day. In the last two days alone I have received over 30, while my last good comment was two months ago.

To give you some exact statistics, at the time I write this I have had a total of 6 good, worthwhile comments, 2 of which were replies from myself to comments from other people. On the flipside I have moderated 423 spammy comments, and I am pretty sure some of them early on I just deleted instead of marking as spam.

Now I know there are automatic spam filtering solutions out there, but some cost money (at my current rate of good comments and if I was using a $10 per month service, comments from other people would be worth over $50 each to me) and other services state in their terms of use that they can place ads on your site. Now as far as I know it is against the Google AdSense terms of service (the ads I show on this site) to also show ads from other ad networks on the same site, not to mention the meager amount I make from my own ads would potentially dwindle closer to zero as most of my ad clicks are probably accidental (I’m not supposed to give figures of how much I have earned, so lets just say that in over 12 months of showing ads on the site, I’m yet to buy myself a single lunch with the earnings).

So, while I have had a few good comments, there are a lot of idiot spammers (I really don’t want to buy your ugg boots!) that have ruined it for me, so I am going to block comments on all of my existing posts and not allow them any more in the future. If anyone has reason to get in touch with me please check out my Twitter @firedancersoft, my Facebook page, or you can always email me via my contact page.

Sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but I just have to do it for my own sanity and time.