dotNETInspector on Windows 7
dotNETInspector on Windows 7

dotNETInspector allows you to quickly and easily determine which versions and service packs of the .NET Framework are installed on a PC.

This can be extremely handy for those who work regularly with portable .NET applications on computers that are not their own, or are just trying to determine the capabilities of their own PC.



1.5.0 (released 15/03/2014)
Official PortableApps Release See link for more details
dotNETInspector 1.5.0 (7713 downloads) 12 MB

Source Code

Source code available from


dotNETInspector is released under the GPL v3.
I would love to hear about it if you use the source of dotNETInspector in a project of your own, and may even post a link to your project.

Command line parameters

Please note: Starting with version 1.5.0 most of the old command line parameters have been removed. If you require the command line functionality that was available in version 1.4.1 please check out dniLite – a command line-only fork which features improved functionality and additional parameters over those that were previously available in dotNETInspector.

Short Switch Long Switch Argument Effect
-h –help none Displays help on the command line parameters (console only)
-e –exportpath string: directory path Specifies the default location for saving results to file.

Please note: dotNETInspector does not support the / switch for command line parameters. You must use the – switch.

New in this release

  • Framework detection now runs at regular intervals while dotNETInspector is open.
  • Added ability to save results to a text file as well as copy results to the clipboard as text or a HTML table. If there are any other save or copy formats that you think would be useful, please leave a comment on the release page, or contact me.
  • Implemented automatic check for program updates on start up.
  • Removed all previous command line parameters. If you require any of the old command line functionality please try dniLite instead.
  • Added command line parameter to set the default save file path (primarily for use in the PortableApps release).



  • Add notification for pre-release versions of .NET frameworks (currently treated as not installed due to the possibility of missing or not-quite-right features)
  • Add indicator of .NET framework versions that are an embedded part of the Windows being used (currently treated as “installed”).


  • Ability to install missing .NET Framework versions from within the app (online installers only)
  • Implement translation-ready interface
  • Finalize GUI style


  • Ability to download and run .NET Framework offline installers