Welcome to the website of programmer and web developer Ken Herbert.

For as long as I have been interested in computers I have had a love of free software. More recently my love of free software has focused into an interest in open source software, and I have also become involved in the world of portable software, primarily through the work and community at

The applications hosted here are ideas of my own creation: some were created as utilities to assist me in my hobbies, others were built to provide a specific function to assist me as a web developer and programmer, while the remainder were built to suit a need to which existing applications just didn’t fit.

Whatever the purpose and thinking behind them, all applications are portable and are provided here for you to use free of charge, and with full access to the source code. For information on the specific licenses under which each app is released, please see their individual pages.

Please be aware that further development is officially on hold while I adjust to life in a new country and city, while still trying to work and make friends too!